It is true that leather jackets are made of tough material which makes it real durable. However, even when it is tough it still needs care and protection from you if you want it to last for a long, long time. Fortunately for you, leather jackets are way easy to clean with only a few scrubs here and there.

For example, if you fall in a mud, it is far easier to get your leather jacket clean compared to your clothes. That, plus the fact that leather jackets and basically any leather apparel can endure thorns or twigs and resist stains whereas your ordinary clothes would probably be dirty and ripped apart.

Whether it is men’s leather jackets or women’s leather jackets, the benefits of leather apparel are countless. Surely you would want your Original Lambskin Leather Jackets or your custom fit leather jacket to last for a few more years. On that note, the first thing you got to do to ensure its quality is to follow the manufacturer’s instruction.

Additionally, here are some tips on how you can protect and care your leather jacket, leather pants and leather dress:

1. When your jacket is stained, remove or wash it off as soon as possible. In order to prevent future stains or water spots on your leather apparel, it is best to use stain protector. Then afterwards, you can spray a colorless, odorless aerosol to the jacket in order to prevent any more damage.

2. When washing your jacket, always use lukewarm water and most especially not hot water or more color will stream our from the jacket. It can also cause extreme shrinkage which is definitely something you want to happen to your leather jacket, right? To wash it, simply rub the leather against itself while making sure that all parts of it have been submerged to the water for about 5 – 10 minutes.

3. After washing the jacket, you had better use padded hangers so that the leather’s shape is maintained which at the same time forces the wrinkles out of your jacket to drop naturally. Right, now you don’t have any problem with wrinkled jacket which usually you will find hard to straighten.

4. When drying your leather apparel, the best way would be air drying. You should never use heat vents, blow dryers or any other means to dry your leather jacket as it will only ruin it. On the other hand, you should condition your jacket once in a while especially if it becomes very dry or cracked perhaps.

5. Never use household cleaning products when cleaning your leather jacket. You should only use specific cleaning agents or your jacket will end up ruined in the end because of some ingredients used in the household cleaning agents.

Additionally, when applying cleaning agents to your leather apparel, you should try it first at a hidden part of the leather. Applying of perfumes and hair sprays is also not recommended when you are wearing your jacket. Otherwise, it could stain or erode the color of your jacket because of some ingredients that include in them.